What we do...

IE Digital exists because Charity, Health & Education clients are evermore reliant upon digital platforms to run their businesses and engage with their audiences.

To do that successfully, these not-for-profit clients – who collectively do enormous good in our world – need an agency partner who understands their needs, and can translate that insight into innovative digital experiences for their audiences. Our core belief is that the world’s values-driven organisations deserve access to the best: the best thinkers, the best creatives, the best developers and the best service.

Our clients are often looking for:

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IE Digital builds beautiful websites. No surprises there – we’ve been doing it for over 15 years and we’ve got some of the best designers and developers in the UK – but that’s only part of the story. Charity, Health and Education clients...

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IE Digital develops innovative mobile apps for iOS and Android. Apps are all about deepening engagement – it’s about putting your organisation, quite literally, in the palm of your audiences’ hands and enabling them to make their task (or even...

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Bespoke Services

Sounds a bit vague doesn’t it? That’s because the industry’s always found it difficult to ‘label’ unique things. Sometimes clients come to us wanting things that aren’t available out of the box. Perhaps it’s a system they can’t see...