Health charity fundraising website
Bowel Research UK Bowel Research UK required a new website to support its launch, following the merger of two charities. The newly merged charity is ambitious to raise its public profile, to improve and ultimately save people’s lives. BRUK funds research into…
impressions for hashtag #BRUK during the first week of launch
Health charity website
Resuscitation Council UK To support Resuscitation Council UK’s ambitions to transform into a more public-facing brand, IE Digital designed and built a user-friendly new Drupal 8 website for the charity, with a vibrant new visual identity. Resuscitation Council UK is…
visitors to the website each month
Charity digital
Charities, not-for-profits and membership organisations

We help charities to attract donors, manage volunteers, and connect with their audiences. Through UX consultancy, Drupal 8 CMS websites, mobile apps and bespoke web applications, IE’s clients are tackling inequality, building community, driving sustainability, lobbying Government, informing the public, and driving change.

Education digital
Universities, colleges and schools

We help HE, FE and Schools to engage students, automate their processes, and build compelling digital experiences. Through websites, apps, bespoke systems, and e-learning, IE’s clients are attracting more students and staff, tackling inequality, improving social mobility and offering young people the best opportunities in life.

University website
University College of Osteopathy IE Digital designed and developed two new Drupal websites for the newly renamed University College of Osteopathy and its Clinic. In its centenary year, the former British School of Osteopathy had been awarded Taught Degree Awarding Powers (TDAP)…
of all UK osteopaths trained at the UCO
Sexual health charity website
Sexwise Sexwise is a sex-positive new campaign website from sexual health charity FPA (Family Planning Association). Centred around a mobile-friendly Drupal 8 website created by IE Digital, Sexwise offers honest advice about contraception, pregnancy, STIs,…
of visitors improved their understanding of STIs
Health digital
NHS, healthcare and .GOV

We help healthcare organisations to engage with their audiences, and revolutionise their tools and their processes. Through consultancy, websites, apps, and bespoke systems, IE’s clients are improving outcomes, educating society, supporting disease sufferers, and driving efficiency through self management.

Ed Wilkinson, Digital Services Director at IE Digital
Ed Wilkinson
Web development blog
Designing a digital experience using iteration and prototypes Ed Wilkinson, Digital Services Director at IE Digital, discusses the use of prototyping as part of the digital design progress. As an example, we used this method to compress two information-packed A2 printed posters into a usable digital solution…
UX & UI redesign
SRA (Solicitors Regulation Authority) IE Digital took an Agile approach to improve the overall user experience (UX) on the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) website. We looked at every component of the site at the “Atomic” level, using disposable rapid prototypes to test the new…
reduction in the number of design patterns used throughout the site