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IE Digital works with charity, health and education clients up and down the UK, as well as internationally. Sometimes we work for large charities and universities that are household names, and sometimes we help small health and social care providers, colleges, or startups with big ambitions. If you’re a values-driven organisation with a challenge, then we’d love to add you to our list of clients!

  • Salvation Army logo (grey)
    Salvation Army logo

    Salvation Army in the community

    The Salvation Army is a church and charity providing services in the community to those who are vulnerable and marginalised. Motivated by its Christian faith it offers practical support and services in over 700 centres throughout the UK and Republic of Ireland to all who need them, regardless of ethnicity, religion, gender or sexual orientation. It seeks to influence social policy and practice in its fight for greater social justice.The Salvation Army is a global church and works in 130 countries around the world.

    The Salvation Army engaged IE on the high-level strategy and user experience challenge of digitising their various printed publications, and on the redesign of their School for In-Service Training and Development's online presence.

  • Locality logo in grey with strapline beneath "The power of community"
    Locality logo with strapline beneath "The power of community"

    Photo of a little boy sticking a drawing of a rainbow of a rainbow in the window of his house, something that became popular during the Covid-19 lockdowns

    Locality is the national membership network for community organisations in the UK. They support community organisations to be strong and successful so communities thrive.

    IE Digital conducted user research for the Locality website. 

  • Clergy Support Trust logo in grey
    Clergy Support Trust logo in purple. The word Support has the letter "t" highlighted in orange, in the shape of a cross.

    Clergy Support Trust brand photography

    Clergy Support Trust helps Anglican clergy and their families in times of need. They offer grants and wellbeing support to members of the clergy (including ordinands and retired clergy), as well as their dependants and partners – whether married, separated or widowed. 

    IE renamed and rebranded the charity from 'Sons & Friends of the Clergy' to Clergy Support Trust, creating a new visual identity and bringing it to life online through a new Drupal 8 website. Our research showed that the ability for users to check if they are eligible for financial support would be a great addition to the website. We built an 'Eligibility Checker' tool, available from the home page, which allows beneficiaries to quickly and discreetly explore their eligibility, removing some of the barriers to asking for help. 

    See it for yourself at

    IE Brand came on board at a time of considerable change for our 364-year old charity, which supports Anglican clergy and their families. Our old brand was part of our history, but was no longer relevant or accessible to today’s clergy. IE Brand helped with stakeholder engagement and in establishing the case for change through beneficiary research. We’re delighted with our new name and visual identity, which will enable us to reach more clergy families in need. We were impressed with the IE team, and have also now entrusted them with redesigning our website.

    Jeremy Moodey
    Chief Executive, Clergy Support Trust
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  • St Vincent de Paul Society (SVP) logo in grey
    St Vincent de Paul Society (SVP) logo

    IE Digital designed and developed a new website and UX for befriending charity SVP

    The St Vincent de Paul Society, SVP, turns concern into action by visiting & befriending over 80,000 lonely and isolated people each year in England and Wales, providing practical assistance to anyone in need.

    When the consultants at IE Digital first met SVP to talk about what they needed from their new website, we were struck by the number of great stories they had. Letters of thanks and from their beneficiaries, and great examples of the enormous impact that's made by SVP's 10,000 volunteer members. But these success stories weren't evident on the old SVP website.  For the new website, IE put these stories front and centre, to show SVP's members, staff, supporters and help seekers all the great work the befriending charity brings to the communities it serves.

    We looked at the user journeys and created a user experience to help SVP recruit volunteers, attract donations and help more people. 

    Read the SVP website case study.

    Our consultant reminded us how many wonderful stories we have to tell, and the value of putting them front and centre on the new website. IE Digital did an excellent job of improving the online user experience, and the new site is helping us to get our mission and message out into the world. Ultimately, it's helping us to achieve our objectives of recruiting more volunteers, attracting more donations and helping more people.

    Ken Madine
    Head of Fundraising, Communications and Marketing
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  • ACO logo (The Association of Charitable Organisations) in grey
    ACO logo (The Association of Charitable Organisations)

    Group of people at an event laughing and clapping

    A new WordPress website for The Association of Charitable Organisations (ACO). The site provides a hub of support for ACO members while helping them to raise awareness of the valuable work of benevolent charities.

    Read more on the IE blog

    We are thrilled with the new website IE Digital has developed for us. From discussing our brief in an initial meeting, IE clearly demonstrated from the outset that they had listened to our ideas and understood our vision to create a modern and eye-catching new website that also acted as an effective hub of information and resources for our member charities, and we are really pleased with the design they came up with for us.

    The team at IE have always been responsive to our comments and feedback throughout the process, and it has been a pleasure to work with them on this project.

    Hannah Canner
    Marketing & Communications Manager at ACO
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  • The Inns of Court College of Advocacy (ICCA) crest in grey
    The Inns of Court College of Advocacy (ICCA) crest

    The Inns of Court College of Advocacy website by IE Digital

    The Inns of Court College of Advocacy (ICCA) is the educational arm of the Council of the Inns of Court. They design and deliver a number of bespoke legal advocacy training and CPD courses, including a new two-part Bar Course. 

    As ICCA gradually moves towards delivering more of its learning content online, they realised their existing website wasn't up to the task. IE Digital designed and built a new WordPress website, creating a platform to host ICCA's legacy content and support the search and retrieval of new digital learning materials. It's also future-proofed for any integration with e-learning platforms in the future. 

    IE's designers created a modern new visual identity with a premium feel, including a set of ‘digital brand’ guidelines. We updated the logo to reproduce better online, and added a prestige colour palette, a bespoke icon set and pattern, and beautiful photography taken on location at the College with real students and practitioners. We also created various pieces of core collateral and templates to support ICCA's marketing team. 

    Read more about the ICCA website and digital brand

    Working with IE Digital has been a very positive experience. They quickly understood what we wanted to achieve and the development process went extremely smoothly. The result is a website which not only looks great, but is thoughtfully designed and easy to administer. We are looking forward to a long and productive partnership!

    Adrian Clarke
    Digital Manager, The Council of the Inns of Court (COIC)
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  • Institute of Food Science and Technology (IFST) logo (grey)
    Institute of Food Science and Technology (IFST) logo

    New website for membership association IFST Institute of Food Science + Technology

    The Institute of Food Science and Technology (IFST) is the UK’s leading professional membership body for all aspects of food science and technology. They advance these disciplines based on impartial science and knowledge sharing.

    IE Digital was appointed to give the IFST website a complete overhaul, particularly to improve the user experience for membership registrations. 

    In phase one, we rebuilt the Drupal 7 website and enhanced the existing CiviCRM integration, including replacing their paper-based membership sign up with a online sign up process including payment. A simple pre-qualification questionnaire replaces the many pages of membership information on the old site, and guides users through the registration process including the option to sign up to various membership types and professional registers. The new site simplifies content management, and gives a greater presence to resources and events. 

    Read more about the IFST website

  • Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) logo (grey)
    Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) logo

    Solicitors Regulation Authority website – UX consultancy by IE Digital

    Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) is the industry regulator for solicitors and law firms in England and Wales. Their website has grown organically over ten years, leading to a massive site with an inconsistent, clunky and dated user experience that – if left unchecked – could undermine public confidence in the solicitors' profession. The SRA wanted to bring the site up to date and greatly improve the overall user experience (UX), especially on mobile devices, without replacing the site or their existing Content Management System (CMS). 

    Following an initial review of some core templates, IE Digital took an Agile approach to producing a brand new digital design. With an overall strategic objective of improving consistency and usability, we looked at every component of the site at the “Atomic” level. 

    We created new, responsive digital design patterns and tested them with real users, using disposable rapid prototyping, iterating existing designs and adding new patterns at each stage. Finally, we documented each pattern and how it should be used and provided detailed html, css and javascript for implementation via the SRA’s CMS and within a set of new online services.

    Read more about the Solicitors Regulation Authority website

    The guys at IE Digital are exemplary collaborators. They’ve engaged successfully with people at all levels of the SRA and are a trusted part of our team. With IE Digital, we’ve taken a major step forward in the quality of user experience, dramatically improved our UI and design governance, and created buy-in for user-centred design across our organisation.

    John Rieger
    Head of Digital Communications, Solicitors Regulation Authority
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  • The Open University logo
    The Open University logo

    Open University interactive elearning

    The Open University promotes educational opportunity and social justice by providing high-quality university education to all who wish to realise their ambitions and fulfil their potential. OpenLearn – is the OU's home of free learning. 

    IE Digital created bespoke, interactive learning content for OpenLearn to help learners to discover foundation-level content on topics of interest. It's designed to whet their appetites and hopefully encourage them to look at taking their educational journey further.

    Supreme Streets: An Adventure Into Employee-Ownership is a standalone piece of beautifully-illustrated interactive content, designed and built by IE Digital. The Q&A-based activity illustrates how employee-owned enterprises are set up and run, as part of OpenLearn's Money and Management subject area. 

    We went to IE Digital with a brief to develop bespoke learning content... The idea elegantly evolved into a stylish and informative interactive feature. "Journeying through Wellbeing" combines storytelling with real-world examples, making it a valuable and rewarding learning experience for our OpenLearn audience. The team at IE Digital were professional, organised and clearly passionate about delivering high-quality learning. It was a pleasure to work with them on this project.

    Sarah Bridgman
    Online Project Producer (OpenLearn), Open University
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  • LIA Lighting Industry Association logo (grey)
    LIA Lighting Industry Association logo

    Long exposure photo of light trails from vehicles at night

    The Lighting Industry Association (The LIA) is Europe’s largest trade association for lighting equipment professionals. In preparation for a pivotal year of development and change, and a period of intense growth, the LIA needed a new website to provide a window into its work for the public, government and other stakeholders. 

    IE is has designed and built a modern, flexible digital platform for the LIA. As well as providing a home for members to access extensive technical content, the site is also the gateway to the LIA's industry-backed Lighting Industry Academy. This is an industry-wide hub for the development and delivery of high-quality learning for the whole lighting supply chain.

    The LIA is committed a rolling programme of further website developments to support its member organisations, following an iterative process.

    Read the Lighting Industry Association website case study.

    The Lighting Industry Association’s new website is now live and better than ever. More than just a cosmetic makeover, the new site is more intuitive and has the ability to tailor itself to the interests of the person using it.

    The Lighting Industry Association
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  • Anawim logo
    Anawim logo

    New Anawim logo and strapline "Birmingham's centre for women" shown on a background of a black and white aerial photo of Birmingham

    Anawim helps women in and around Birmingham. Their Women’s Centre is a safe space for those struggling with trauma, the criminal justice system, domestic abuse, addiction, mental health, sexual exploitation – any woman who needs their help. Their wrap-around services and specialised caseworkers can transform women’s lives.

    Read our full case studies on how we rebranded the charity, and how we designed and built their new website

    Working with IE has been transformative for Anawim. The level of research undertaken with such a broad range of Anawim’s women, staff, volunteers and supporters has enabled us to really delve into what makes Anawim unique and enabled us to work together to realise who we are and what we stand for. We have no doubt that our new brand will not only enable Anawim to reach more women who need support, but will also encourage more people to engage with, fund and learn more about Anawim and its values.

    Emily Johnson
    Fundraising and Communications Manager
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  • Coram charity logo in grey
    Coram charity logo

    Coram charity image showing a multi-ethnic group of young children in a classroom. Their teacher is watching them playing instruments together. The instruments include drums, maracas, and a guitar.

    A new website, Coram Story, to explore the history and heritage of charity Coram. The group of children's charities dates back to 1739 when Thomas Coram established The Foundling Hospital. 

    The website invites users to travel through time, learning about the story of care and giving voice to children and young people with experience of care through the ages.

  • World Vision logo
    World Vision logo

    Child drinking from a clean water supply

    World Vision is an international Christian charity who work to make a sustainable impact on poverty and its causes, especially as they affect children. World Vision engaged IE to create a host of interactive, educational and campaign content – to engage teachers, schoolchildren and churches in their work, and to raise their profile as a significant NGO.

    Our work included content creation such as films, games and interactive screensavers, delivered online, by email and – initially – as resources on CD-ROM or DVD. IE used methods as diverse as kinetic typography, sound design, animated photo-montage and a ‘live’ Indian shadow-puppet to bring the work of World Vision to life through personal stories. 

    One particular campaign used an interactive Advent calendar, launched to coincide with World AIDS Day, which enjoyed an incredible 195% response rate to the initial email, as over a quarter of those who downloaded the screen saver passed it on to at least one friend.

    Without IE’s innovative approach we would certainly have missed the opportunity to launch the Take2 campaign around World AIDS Day. IE have brought great flair and originality to a demanding project.

    Jonathan Francis
    Church Education Officer
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  • Career Ready charity logo designed by IE Brand
    Career Ready charity logo designed by IE Brand

    Career Ready rebranded brochure by IE Brand

    Career Ready is a national charity that links education with business to prepare young people for the world of work.

    Explore the full case study for the Career Ready volunteer management system. 

    Career Ready now has a website that proudly promotes its achievements and impact as a leader in the employer engagement field, and an operating platform on which to grow. The web-based system saves both the charity and schools from complex and costly admin. This in turn has meant we have been able to reduce costs for budget-stretched schools, and reach more young people than before.

    Anne Spackman
    Chief Executive
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  • RoundTable logo in grey
    RoundTable logo

    Round Table website on desktop and mobile

    Round Table is an international organisation with over 34,000 members, standing for fun and friendship, service in the community and unique and everlasting friendships.

    Explore the full Round Table website case study. 

    IE brought fresh thinking to our website, challenging us to focus on our users. As well as evolving parts of our web presence, IE has simplified some of our complex internal systems, improving our efficiency and performance.

    Cait Allen
    Chief Executive
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  • Tiro logo in grey
    Tiro logo in purple

    Tiro brand photo of a young woman in a high tech environment, seen through a pyramid lens that creates a glitch effect on the photo, whilst maintaining a visually pleasing distortion in the image, and a dynamic aesthetic.

    A rename and rebrand for a leading training provider for science and technology apprenticeships.

    Over the past decade Youthforce had grown significantly. They had changed, and so had the world. Apprentices can be any age, and the name was causing confusion, so IE Brand renamed them Tiro – a Latin word meaning novice, recruit, apprentice, beginner and soldier.

    The brand's new brand messaging, visual identity and re-skinned website reflect the challenging, authentic and excitable business Tiro is now.