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IE scores big with digital and brand clients

IE’s digital and brand consultants have scored a brilliant 8.6/10 from non-profit clients, using the ‘Net Promoter Score (NPS)’ measure of customer satisfaction.

Maintaining a great relationship with our clients couldn’t be more important here at IE Digital. It’s how we’ve grown, from one delighted client to another.

We’re always looking to improve, so last year we introduced NPS as an internal measure of client satisfaction. The NPS question asks clients how likely they are to recommend IE to others, on a scale of 0-10 (10 = ‘highly likely’).

IE’s charity, health and education clients have given us a resounding ‘thumbs up’, scoring us an average 8.6 out of 10 over the last three months, across both digital and brand projects. That includes top marks from the likes of West Midlands Fire Service, University of Southampton and Betel. 

"Excellent customer service"

A follow up question asks for a comment on why they’ve given us that rating and we’ve had some lovely feedback including:

  • "Impressive and creative response to our needs."
  • "Friendly and flexible to help meet our demands."
  • "Team really responsive and patient."
  • "Excellent customer service, very quick to respond to queries or concerns."

IE requests this feedback at the end of every project to make sure that everyone we work for is happy with the quality of work and level of service they’ve received. We then ask the same question again every 90 days or so for ongoing accounts.

This means that while we’re delighted with our score, we won’t be resting on our laurels. We know we're not perfect, so we’ll continue to work hard to improve our score even further.

Innovative digital and brand experiences

IE’s core belief is that the world’s values-driven organisations deserve access to the best: the best thinkers, the best developers, the best creatives and the best service. That they need an agency partner who understands their needs, and can translate that insight into innovative digital and brand experiences for their audiences.

If you’re looking for an agency partner you’d be proud to recommend to others, give IE a call.

A reliable, fast and personalised technical support service from a friendly team that have an in-depth knowledge of site. 10 out of 10

Paul Rooney
Birmingham Metropolitan College