Helpdesk Analyst
Kat McElroy, Helpdesk Analyst at IE Digital

Kat joined IE as a Helpdesk Analyst to put her varied educational background to good use. 

Her undergraduate degree at was a multimedia BSc that covered a little bit of everything, from photography, filmography and design to programming and industry knowledge. Her interest in web design and development came from using creative forums and making them pretty and user-friendly. For her dissertation, she built a prototype for a web app that creatively displayed story data for authors. She then completed an MA in Creative Writing.

Kat went first into a developer role, designing and building email templates, before moving into the marketing department as the company’s dedicated copywriter. This combination of tech and writing experience (as well as her love of a good chat) make her well-suited to a being the face of IE Digital's client support desk.

In her spare time she enjoys entertaining her young son, playing video games, watching terrible TV, crying over her novels-in-progress and intimately discussing people’s star signs.