Creative Director and Brand Consultant
David Crichton, Creative Director and Brand Consultant at IE Digital

With 17 years of industry experience under his belt, Dave serves as IE’s Creative Director – leading IE’s brand offering, as well as working as a Brand Consultant.

Beginning his career as a Graphic Designer and making a gentle transition to consultancy, Dave combines his agency experience – which has seen him work with clients across almost every sector – with his love of design, writing and filmmaking.

Dave’s passionate about making sure that ‘the brand experience’ is as effective online as it is offline – helping to create compelling user experiences, and beautifully crafted digital design work. 

Dave can often be found knee deep in research for a brand project, locked away in a room writing key messaging, art directing a visual identity project or website storyboard, on location for a campaign video, or bringing clients up to speed and running workshops.

Dave has spent his life and career obsessed with the power of brand, and helping clients to connect with their audiences by standing out from the crowd, and telling their story to the world.

Over the last few years, he’s been thoroughly immersed in the worlds of charity, health and education – and before that worked on a wide range of brand and digital projects for a number of blue chip clients, including investment banks and building societies, record labels, TV production companies and retail.

Dave and his wife are the proud parents of two young daughters, who take up the majority of his time outside of work. However, he tries to find time to indulge his passion for playing piano, and creative writing – he is often to be found working on speculative screenplays, and is a published non-fiction author.