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The Impact of Mobilegeddon

In late April, Google added a new ‘mobile-friendly’ tag to its search results meaning that websites deemed to pass its mobile-friendly test will rank higher in results, and those that fail would fall down the rankings – in what became known as Mobilegedden. One month on, what have the impacts of Google’s changes been…?

Firstly, it’s understandable why Google made these changes, Google recently claimed that 50% of all online searches now take place on a mobile device and with 5x more smartphones sold each day as babies born, websites that meet the needs of the mobile browser are now a top priority. Mobilegedden had a dramatic impact, it’s estimated 10% of the world’s most visited websites failed the search engine’s mobile-friendly test including: MOZ, BBC and Reddit for reasons including: links too close together, mobile viewpoint not set, text too small and content wider than the screen.

One month on from Mobilegedden, the impact is still being felt. We recently surveyed a list of top UK charities and found almost a third were still failing to meet Google’s recent changes leading to them drop down Google’s rankings. But it’s not just a drop in rankings that will have a profound effect. In a mobile world, whether looking to make online purchases or obtain information, users can readily access the internet on mobile devices and expect an effective browsing experience. Not having a responsive website can lead to users searching for alternative websites to complete their action. A study by iAquire and Survey Monkey found that 40% of people will choose another website if yours isn’t mobile friendly.

Recently econsultancy posted an article with a number of tips, ‘rules of thumb’, highlighting best practice changes to make to your website to help you pass Google’s mobile-friendly test, and also to provide a better user experience for the mobile browser:

  • Think user friendly not eye-catching
  • Be generous with tap areas e.g. links not too close together
  • Give links room to breath on the page

Why not test your own website performance using Google’s mobile-friendly test?

Still struggling with the impact of Mobilegedden? Maybe you don’t know you have been affected? Contact IE’s digital problem solvers to find out how we could help.