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IE vs The River Wye

It’s that time of the year again, when MD Ollie Leggett whisks us all away to The River Wye for an oar-some day of canoeing.

With 11 miles of river ahead of us, paddles in hands and GoPros on heads, we were ready to go.

Highlights of the day included: a competition to decide, once and for all, how many people could fit inside a single canoe (9!); another competition to see who could run the fastest across an assembly line of canoes – both tied and adrift – (David Baker!). All topped off with a game of darts at the finish line.

This year marked the sixth time we’ve canoed down this route so as you can imagine we all think we’re seasoned experts. Apparently not.  Casualties from the day included:

  • 4 capsizes
  • a pair of sunken glasses (still lost at sea!) – Sorry David Crichton!
  • 1 bruised finger
  • a few bruised shins
  • 25 bruised egos

Six hours and several injuries later, we ended the day with well-deserved celebratory drinks at the pub.

The brave amongst us then spent the night camping under the stars. We enjoyed a BBQ, beers and toasted marshmallows beside a delightfully warm campfire. Rest assured, we slept like babies.

Another great year at The River Wye – bring on next year!