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A feast for the Lordes and Ladyes of IE

Reminiscing about the IE Christmas party - a medieval-themed banquet at Coombe Abbey.

Celebrations abound to mark the 400th anniversary of William Shakespeare, so it seemed the perfect time to look back on IE’s own Mediaeval celebrations. For our Christmas party, the Lordes and Ladyes of IE donned Mediaeval livery and boarded a horse-drawn carriage (or maybe a diesel-propelled mini-bus) bound for Coombe Abbey.

IE’s team of developers, designers and consultants transformed into a fantastic assortment of characters varying from kings, queens and knights to jesters, monks and wenches – and even a wizard.

The group assembled in all their finery for a night of fun and feasting amidst the splendour of the Abbey. Verily, the ale and mead were flowing as we were treated to a beautiful four-course banquet. All the while, the Abbey’s players entertained us with song and mirth, and one of our court jesters, Nick O’Sullivan, was dragged onstage, bringing more festive merriment to our group.

After a hearty feast fit for royalty, the evening came to a close with much song and dance and perchance some aching heads on the morrow.