The Commissioning Show 2012

As the summer approaches, we will be assembling the IE exhibition stand once again, in time for the Commissioning Show 2012. Taking places over two days, on the 27th and 28th June, the Commissioning Show expects to welcome 3000 delegates to the site.

As specialists in digital marketing for the NHS, IE wouldn’t miss such an event, which will see all the major stakeholders of commissioning, including public health and social care directors and members of Health and Wellbeing Boards stream through the doors of the National Hall at Olympia, London.

As an agency, the largest obstacle we face is people not knowing about us – who we are and what we do. This event is the perfect meeting ground to bring IE together with the who’s who for the healthcare sector.

On the day, there will be a conference and exhibition programme focused on delivering face to face time with peers, industry experts and suppliers. Both the clinical and leadership aspects of primary care will be addressed – with a strong focus on technology and what that means for the NHS as it evolves.

IE loves to meet with people and enjoys nothing more than to hear about the digital challenges that you and your organisation are wrestling with.

Whether you are actively seeking a supplier for an upcoming project or would like to have a name – and face – in mind for the future, do drop by the IE stand for a chat!

See you in the summer!