Senior Front-End Developer
Joëlle Symons, Senior Front End Developer at IE Digital

Graduating with a first class honours degree in Sound Engineering, Joëlle was intrigued by the programming modules on the course and explored web development further on her own.

After graduation, she taught herself PHP, CSS, HTML and JavaScript. Shortly thereafter, she joined IE as an intern before becoming a full-fledged member of the team as our first female developer.

Three years on, she’s now IE’s front end specialist, working closely with our digital designers to ensure designs are technically feasible and meet UX best practice. Always up to date with emerging front-end technologies and frameworks, she creates highly polished user interfaces and interactions.

Having grown up in France, Joëlle moved to back to the UK to study at Birmingham City University. She loves performing, teaching and composing on the piano, in addition to learning other musical instruments. She also enjoys dancing and will happily challenge anyone to a game of table football.